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Sunday, September 30th at 3pm: Sound-Healing Concert

to heal the body, mind and soul


The Historic Meeting House
Belleville Congregational Church
300 High Street, Newburyport, MA

Free will donations accepted.

Open to the Public

From the remotest ages, the philosophers have maintained the singular power of music over certain diseases, especially of the nervous classes:

"Sound has an attractive property; it draws out disease, which streams out to encounter the musical wave, and the two, blending together, disappear in space." H.P. Blavatsky

Throughout history, music has been used in medicine. The Ancient Indians and Ancient Greeks used music to treat mental illnesses; the Native Americans, in their healing ceremonies. After World War II, researchers observed that music had a positive effect on emotionally disturbed veterans.

"The rhythm and measure of music have great influence. Each grade of matter from coarse to fine vibrates to music. Built as all true music is, with the fullest mathematical precision, and upon a sound-psychological basis, the regularity with which vibrations of the notes impinge upon one's physical, emotional and mental bodies, has a calming, soothing effect, thus bringing the inner centers of the three bodies into alignment with each other; in other words, polarizing them and permitting the flow of health to pass through all of the channels unimpeded." Mary Weeks Burnett

Today, there is physical evidence that music reduces high blood pressure, depression and sleeplessness. In Alzheimer's and Epilepsy patients, music therapy significantly reduces anxiety and aggression. Medical professionals believe that music can reduce certain symptoms, help with healing, improve physical movement, and enrich a person's overall quality of life.


Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High St, Newburyport, MA will be hosting a Fall Flea Market on Saturday, October 6th from 8 am – 1pm. Spaces with a table are still available for $20. Contact Kelly Burke-Anderson @ 978-465-2300 or kelburand@aol.com. There will be no rain date.

There will be a variety of vendors that include antiques, crafts, and people looking to recycle good stuff! Something for everyone! Our Sunday school will also have a table of baked goods for donations to help raise money for their mission in Kenya to send a youngster to school.

Lunch will be available for a donation.

Adult choir rehearsals:

Adult choir rehearsals begin Thursday, September 6th at 7pm.

Youth choir rehearsals:

Youth choir rehearsals will begin rehearsals Sunday September 16th after the 10am worship service.

Annual Events:

Service Club Rummage Sale:

The Belleville Service Clubs holds two annual events. The first one is a rummage sale which is held in the spring and the second is a flea market in the fall. The proceeds from this two events go to fund specific needs at the church. Watch the calendar below for more details or contact Sue Wolfendale at 978/462-7473 for more information.

Thrift Shop Clearance Sale:

The Thrift Shop Clearance Sale is a popular event where customers can load up a bag full of merchandise for only $5 per bag. Watch the above calendar for more details or contact Sue Wolfendale at ph: 978-465-7734 for more information.


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