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Board Structure:

Belleville recently revised the governing By-laws and is now led by three boards; Worship & Education, Fellowship & Outreach, Stewardship & Finance ; all three are under the direction of the Executive Board which meets once a month to deal with the life of the church.

Worship and Education:

This board acts as an overseer of the weekly worship services as well as serving to support the spiritual growth of the membership of the church.

The board consists of a Chairperson elected to a two year term (2) and generally has 6 to 8 members also elected to serve for two years (2). The Chair acts as Ex-officio to the Executive Board, the governing board of the church.

Our responsibilities include; assisting in serving Communion, helping to determine polices related to baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special services that may occur, provision of flowers for the altar, worship supplies, greeters, ushers and scripture readers is also a responsibility of the W/E Board.

Assisting the Pastor in ways to enhance the worship service, obtaining pulpit supply while the Pastor is on leave or sabbatical and promoting the spiritual development of the congregation is a service the W/E provides.

The Sunday School program falls under the responsibility of the Worship and Education board. The Christian Education Director is a member of this board.

Our overall role is one of service to the church body and the community at large as we strive to answer the Mission Statement of the church; Centered in the 'inclusive' love of Jesus Christ and being a welcoming witness to those that come to Belleville.

Finance and Stewardship:

The Finance and Stewardship board meets monthly, except during the summer. The board manages issues concerning the buildings and grounds, such as maintenance and rentals. It works with the treasurer to develop the annual budget; presents the budget at the annual meeting; and develops the stewardship process each fall. The board is also responsible for office operations and office personnel, including the sexton and administrative assistant.

Fellowship and Outreach:

The Fellowship/Outreach Board consists of 5 members elected for two year terms. Each month a representative from the Board attends the Executive Board meetings. The Fellowship/Outreach Board promotes mission education and Extra Mile offerings each month. The Thrift Shop, game nights, and weekly coffee hours are part of its program. The Fellowship/Outreach Board assists the Worship and Education Board with the supper/service for Maundy Thursday.

Last updated on: March 13th, 2023.

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